Dark Psychology.  Amanda Grapes

Dark Psychology

By Amanda Grapes

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In this special book combo, you can find three separate titles, all related to the topic of “dark psychology.” The titles are these: Book 1: What is emotional intelligence? Does it help us make better, more rational decisions? Can we resist sales tactics and do the math, or do we jump in on emotional trends? Those are some of the things we will discuss here. Other things that will rise to the surface are things like the mind of a psychopath, sinister tactics governments use to spread propaganda through the news, and how we can detect lies and manipulation faster. If any of these things sound interesting to you, then I encourage you to start reading or listening to this book. Book 2: People lie every day. Not everyone, but sadly, many people lie daily. But why? And how do you see what is true and what is not true? This is where this book can help you. This book goes over the context of deception, the lies you can easily spot, and some interesting facts about people’s personality that will shock you. How a personality adds to the things they say, is, of course, significant. Therefore, we will explore that connection. There is so much to learn! I hope you will begin reading or listening quickly. Book 3: We don’t always talk about some of the darker sides of human psychology, but they are out there. The simple truth is that just because you don’t focus on something, doesn’t mean it’s not real. On that note, this book discussed topics such as blackmail, manipulation, and sadism. Some people have been hurt so much that all they want, is to see the world burn. They don’t care about others, and they just use them as tools to get what they want. If you are tough enough to face that dark side, then come on over and start reading or listening to this guide.

Amanda Grapes

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  • December 29, 2019
  • Psicología
    Crimen Real / General

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