No Mercy.  Kristine Lichtlider

No Mercy

By Kristine Lichtlider

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DESCRIPTION: ADA Nia Jones-OReilly is an intellectual feminist icon in her community, until she is blackmailed by her bitter co worker and forced to be his raceplay slave. Nia is degraded with all manner of methods; verbal abuse, stringent bondage, forced lesbian incest with her lovely daughters, floggings, clamps, gags, and so much more. Dont miss this red hot raceplay fantasy written for Kristines number one fan the regressed Negress. EXCERPT: “Get your pussy on my cock, slut.” Imani was forced to stare right at her mother as she bounced up and down on Blake’s cock, heavy breasts lifting and slapping back down against her ribcage with an audible sound. Chad finished tying the cord around her head, and then walked in front of her. With a smirk, he thrust her shirt up away from her slightly smaller breasts. Then he pinched her nipple and stroked it brutally. “Come on, get nice and hard. Stand up and take your medicine.” “Don’t be nice to the ghetto slut, Chad. Be a man like your dad.” Chad chuckled and snapped the clamp onto her tender nipple. Imani screamed, tilting her head back and gazing at the stars, which were abundant and far more beautiful than they had any right to be considering the ugliness occurring on the ground. “There’s one.” Chad clipped her other nipple, and Imani’s scream grew in intensity before dying down to a muffled, choking whimper. “There’s two. You ready back there, Uncle Bill?” “You betcha. Go ahead and explain the game to this stupid ape, and use real small words so you don’t confuse her primitive tribal brain.” “Listen up.” Chad’s leering face took up all her vision as he loomed over Imani. “I’m going to pull your nipple clamps and make you swing forward. Then I’m going to hold you there, until you can’t take it anymore. When you nod to me, I’ll let you go…swinging back to Bill.” As if on cue, Bill stuck his fingers between the back of her neck and her blouse, and tore the material in twain, exposing her curved spine and tense shoulders. “And I’m going to whip you like the uppity negress you are. Until you nod to me, and then I’ll swing you forward—” “Where I’ll hold you by the clamps again. Doesn’t it sound like fun? I’m sure a dirty painslut jigaboo like you will love every second of it.” Chad walked backward, tugging on the chain connecting Imani’s already agonized nipples. They bit down with terrible, ever increasing fury, eliciting another gagged scream from her panty clogged throat. “Oh, did I forget to mention these are clover clamps, and they get tighter the more you pull?” Chad laughed. “That’s kind of important.” Imani stared at her nipples, grotesquely distended like well chewed bubble gum, the nubs trapped in the merciless clamps. Deciding a flogging couldn’t possibly be worse, she nodded quickly. “That was fast. Here she comes, Uncle Bill.” Chad released her, the chain bouncing slack between her breasts. But her minor relief was short lived. Bill cracked the short bladed whip across her shoulders, and fire danced through her nerve endings. “And I forgot something too.” Crack. “These blades?” Crack. “Made of rubber, not leather, so they really…” CRACK. Scream. “BITE.”

Kristine Lichtlider

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788835854654
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 29, 2019
  • Romance

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