Whored by My Uncle.  Abigail Lucie

Whored by My Uncle

By Abigail Lucie

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DESCRIPTION: Once Andrea became a shameless slut for the neighbor across the street, her mother and her stepfather thought it was best to send her to Idaho to say with her uncle and his young bride at his motel. After he began to have his fun with her, he decided to farmed her out to his clientele for a pretty penny and gave her more than she could handle. EXCERPT: “Well don’t you look good enough to eat?” His voice boomed. Uncle Walt was standing there in some short boxers with a pair of socks and flip-flops. His hairy torso and powerful was exposed, all flushed and glistening in a fine sheen of sweat. The odor of sex rolling off him was raw and intense. He stood there smirking while smoking on a cigar with his other hand squeezing his undeniable bulge with a wet spot, obviously leaking like my other suitor used to. Startled, I tried covering up, but there was nothing around other than a pillow and my legs so it wasn’t doing much good. “No need to do that, kiddo,” Uncle Walt spoke calmly still smoking. “I’ve been waiting to see what you had to offer. I got to say it’s pretty nice. My sister told me whatcha been doing with the black guy across the way. You’re stepdad and other boys might fear they can’t measure, but I’m a redneck that knows I got a big white cock. So there’s nothing for me to feel insecure over.” With that Uncle Walt pulled down his boxers and out bounced his big sturdy cock in full alert, the biggest I’d ever laid eyes on at that point. “So what do you say Andrea? Why not give your Dear Old Uncle Walt a chance and call it rent for staying here on my dime?”

Abigail Lucie

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788835857921
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 29, 2019
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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