Life of Mozart (Vol. 1-3).  Pauline D. Townsend

Life of Mozart (Vol. 1-3)

By Otto Jahn, Pauline D. Townsend (Traductor)

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Life of Mozart in three volumes is a biography of famous Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart written for the centenary of his birth. It was written by German scholar Otto Jahn who collected the written sources on the life of the composer for the first time and evaluated them using philological methods. The book is basically an Encyclopedia of musical art and biography. It presents, not only the narrative of Mozart's life in the smallest details, with a thorough examination of each work, but it also deals with the rise and progress of each branch of music that Mozart touched. Jahn also provides a detailed account of the social and musical state of the numerous cities visited by Mozart, such as Paris, Munich, and Vienna, and biographical sketches of people in Mozart's life. Jahn's biography of Mozart is of great importance for musicology and remains fundamental to Mozart research.

Pauline D. Townsend

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