Discover Spanish Phrases Spanish Phrasebook with 700 Realistic Phrases.  Lingua Magisterium

Discover Spanish Phrases Spanish Phrasebook with 700 Realistic Phrases

By Lingua Magisterium

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How can you learn Spanish phrases for travel quickly? If you want to broaden your travel experience with the most popular and useful Spanish phrases and vocabulary close at hand, then keep reading... Spanish and Castilian Spanish is the official language of twenty countries, and if you are planning to visit a Spanish-speaking country you are well-advised to carry a Spanish vocabulary workbook or phrasebook with you and learn useful Spanish words and phrases before you go. This Spanish phrasebook for travel contains over 700 conveniently organized phrases and includes all the possible expressions, words, and conversations you might ever encounter when studying the language or traveling abroad. Each phrase and expression is followed by an exact English translation and a phonetic pronunciation. The first chapters include a basic Spanish study guide where you learn the structure and basics of the language. This is followed by an extensive pronunciation guide; this Spanish phrase book for travel includes many expressions used in Castilian Spanish spoken in Spain. CHAPTERS: Chapter 1Learning the Structure & Basics of Spanish Chapter 2The Spanish Alphabet, Pronunciation, Syllabication, Stress & Rules for Capitalization Chapter 3Syllabication & Consonant Chapter 4Spanish Vowels and rules of stress Chapter 5Capitalization & Numbers Chapter 6Telling Time & Date in Spanish Chapter 7First Steps – Learning First Words and Essay Expressions Chapter 8Greetings & how to Address Spaniards Chapter 9Phrases for Formal & informal introductions Chapter 10 Polite Expressions Chapter 11 Phrases for Greeting Friends & Family Chapter 12 Common Everyday Spanish Phrases Chapter 13 Travel Phrases Chapter 14 Restaurant & Eating Out Phrases Chapter 15 Shopping and Renting Chapter 16 Asking Directions Chapter 17 Driving & Parking Phrases Chapter 18 Transportation Phrases Chapter 19 Medical Issues & Emergencies Chapter 20 Banking Phrases & Terms Chapter 21 Phrases for Housecleaning Chapter 22 Christmas Phrases & Expressions Chapter 23 Guests and Invitations Chapter 24 Insurance – Phrases & Terms Chapter 25 Real Estate – Phrases & Terms Chapter 26 Illness & Wellness Chapter 27 Sports Terms & Phrases Chapter 28 University and Education Chapter 29 Computer and Social Media Chapter 30 Airport and Flights Chapter 31 Car Problems – Phrases and Terms Chapter 32 Spanish Foods Chapter 33 Phrases for Business & Negotiations Chapter 34 Arts Chapter 35 Entertainment and Recreation Chapter 36 Crime and Help Phrases Chapter 37 Taxi & Hiring a Car Chapter 38 General Repairs Chapter 39 Going to Church Chapter 40 Seasons, Festivals and Public Holidays Chapter 41 Public Holidays Chapter 42 Trivial Conversation Phrases Chapter 43 Signs and Notices Chapter 44 Legal Terms & Words Learn Spanish fast, here you have a Spanish phrase book for adults; this will be the only "Spanish phrases quick study guide" you'll ever need, get your copy now!

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