The Serenity Experience.  A. T. Flowers

The Serenity Experience

By A. T. Flowers

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It is the Age of Aquarius and major spiritual change is afoot! A virus that began in 2019 has claimed the lives of many of our vulnerable loved ones. For those of us emerging healthy and alive at the end of this, what have we learned about ourselves as humanitarians? Dare I say it but perhaps this was the 'wake-up call' we needed to highlight that we are all made of the same stuff and deep down, all want the same things… This Journey book guidance can help everyone begin life anew simply by working on changing the inner self and thereby breaking through the limiting, repetitive and restrictive cycles of life placed upon us through years of societal conditioning. The Serenity Experience Journey Book is an important step on the path to awakening your true spiritual nature.

A. T. Flowers

  • Publisher:
  • novum publishing
  • ISBN:
  • 9781642681918
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 29, 2019
  • Salud y bienestar / General

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