Ever After.  Elswyth Thane

Ever After

By Elswyth Thane

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This is Volume 3 of The Williamsburg Series. In Ever After , Bracken Murray visits London duing the Jubilee summer of 1897 after his wife deserts him. Here he falls in love with an English girl. Meanwhile back in the USA his cousin Fitz rescues a music-hall singer who falls in love with him. Elswyth Thane has successfully held the interest in this third and fourth generation story; and in the use of the Spanish-American war background she has once again sustained her pattern of war as a leavening force. Many familiar figures cross the pages, but the canvas has wider ranch, Williamsburg, New York, London, and county England as well as grim scenes in Cubas battlegrounds.

Elswyth Thane

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  • Reading Essentials
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  • 9781774640043
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  • December 29, 2019
  • Romance
    Ficción / General
    Suspenso y Triller
    Cuentos de Hadas y Mitología

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