Selected English Articles 2014-2017.  Timo Schmitz

Selected English Articles 2014-2017

By Timo Schmitz

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This book contains selected articles in English language which were published by Timo Schmitz between 2014 and 2017, thus focusing on his early period as a writer. The articles were newly reviewed and minor changes conducted and include mainly political and philosophical topics from his times as an atheist. Thus, in the late 2017 articles in the end of the book the preliminaries for his transition to a believer in God are set. A major theme displayed in his early works is the Buddhist world outlook. In addition, some articles are written based on his standpoint on Philosophical Constructicism. Timo Schmitz (*1993) is a language fanatic, philosopher, journalist, poet and book author. He is known for his "New Constructivist Communism", a political philosophy which questions contemporary society, morality and thinks of alternative forms of living. He also researches indigenous religions and gave an analysis on a North Korean religious cult in 2017 showing the strong connection between that religion and the government line.

Timo Schmitz

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