Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific.  Wishar S. Cervé

Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific

By Wishar S. Cervé

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"My purpose was to comply with the desires of the publishers in preparing and presenting an easily readable, enjoyable, and fascinating account of the lost Continent of Lemuria, with all of its past history, effects upon the races of man, and ancient, human incidents of life.(...) I hope, therefore, that this book will make the subject more popular and arouse further interest in the investigation of the hundreds of available sources of information still untouched by those who have spent their lifetime seeking for positive facts. With this hope and with the further desire that what I have written may contribute to a better understanding of the development of the human individual in all of his physical, mental, spiritual, and so-called psychic qualities, I offer this work." W.S.C

Wishar S. Cervé

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  • 9791029909900
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  • December 29, 2019
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    Cuerpo, Mente y Espíritu

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