How to Analyze People.  Aries Hellen

How to Analyze People

By Aries Hellen

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This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles: Book 1: Is there such a thing as mind reading? Can you really analyze people from their body language or the way they behave? Many people have become masters at reading people’s thoughts. They use techniques they have learned from others to their advantage. It’s not impossible. It’s definitely a skill that can be acquired and improved. In this book, we’ll touch on several aspects related to this principle, such as: Millennial personality types and how to analyze them. How to communicate to people with various personality types. Mind reading techniques from the pros. A fascinating discussion about the reality and the myths concerning intuition and instinct. Simple methods to become better at reading people’s hidden messages. These and some other topics can lead you along to become an expert human emotion and lie detector. Book 2: How do you communicate without saying anything? How do you communicate better through what you’re saying? These are at the central theme of this guide. Other subject matters include flirting in general, recognizing myths about body language, secret cues that you should watch out for, women’s romantic interest signals, flirting techniques for women to use on men, keeping your communication to a minimum, cultural anecdotes about nonverbal communication, etc. There are so many things to learn here within a short number of pages that it will definitely be worth it to read it or listen to it.

Aries Hellen

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  • December 29, 2019
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