Charles Dickens in America.  William Glyde Wilkins

Charles Dickens in America

By William Glyde Wilkins

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In reading 'American Notes' and Dickens's letters from America, Mr. Wilkins was struck by two things: the almost bitter severity of his criticism of the American newspapers and his views on the subject of international copyright. To the end of satisfying himself of the justice of these opinions, he collected extracts from the press of almost every city visited by the distinguished novelist. But the task so specifically begun was soon seen to have a much broader significance. If Americans and Englishmen were interested through the 'American Notes' to get a glimpse of the United States, it is safe to say that they would be still more interested through the popular press of this country to obtain a glimpse of that familiar and beloved personality, Charles Dickens. The book allows those who saw and spoke with Mr. Dickens to speak for themselves, and is crowded with intimate and verbatim conversations.

William Glyde Wilkins