Theory of everything.  Antonio León Jiménez

Theory of everything

By Antonio León Jiménez

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THEORY OF EVERYTHING. TIME, THE UNIFYING FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE Through this short essay, the author, a graduate in Fundamental Chemistry from the University of Seville, tries to respond to one of the great challenges that modern science has been dragging on since the past century. Aided by simple yet profound reasoning, the author illustrates how the universe is governed by one single force and one single sense. Following the development of a law that unites time and energy in the same principle, we could find ourselves in a new moment of science. A new door of study could be open and we may welcome the closing of other doors which have only led to obscure rooms and decades of studies without any fruitful progress. It is a quick essay to read, but it must be reread several times to fully understand the message. Its purpose is to serve doctors as a basis for study and be further developed, tested, and upheld.

Antonio León Jiménez

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