Ancient Fragments.  Isaac Preston Cory

Ancient Fragments

By Isaac Preston Cory

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First published in 1826, "Ancient Fragments" is compendium of fragments from ancient writers collected and published by the antiquarian and miscellaneous writer Isaac Preston Cory. "Ancient Fragments" contains the fragments of writings and literature from the Ancient Near East. Chapters include: The Theology Of The Phœnicians: From Sanchoniatho; Fragments Of Chaldæan History; Berossus: From Alexander Polyhistor; Berossus: From Apollodorus; Berossus: From Abydenus; Berossus: From Josephus, etc; Megasthenes: From Abydenus; Supplemental Fragments And Extracts; The Chaldæan Oracles Of Zoroaster; Hermetic Fragments; Orphic Fragments; Pythagorean Fragments; and, The Theogonies.

Isaac Preston Cory

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