How to learn Russian in 30 days.  Chiara Monetti

How to learn Russian in 30 days

By Chiara Monetti

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This textbook will teach you the Russian language in only 30 days, starting from zero. And this is more than a simple promise. Let me explain… The method is really simple: the textbook is divided in 30 chapters, one per day, in order to make you learn the basis of this language in just one month.                                                                                                                                                 In order to obtain the best results from this course, you just have to follow one rule: read one chapter per day, not more and not less than one. If you follow this rule and also the recommendations contained in this textbook, the result is guaranteed. Forget the same old boring grammar courses, featureless and depersonalized. “ How to learn Russian in 30 days ” has been realized according to the rules of the self-help, as a practical handbook, personal, funny and motivating . It is full of  curious anecdotes and useful advices not just to speak Russian, but also to get by during a travel. If you are not convinced yet, keep reading…                                                                                          From the introduction of the author: WELCOME! ????? ??????????! Dear reader, welcome to this course of Russian language! If you are here, it means that you have always wanted to comply with the desire to learn something more about this fascinating eastern language. Let me tell you that you did the right thing! There are a lot of good reasons why studying Russian nowadays: it is the ninth language in the world for numbers of speakers (according to the survey of the UN in 2007), and besides being a useful tool to travel through Russia, it is also a language with a huge cultural, artistic and literary background. Furthermore its role in the economy is growing more and more. Whatever the reason that brought you here, it is already a good start on which to base your study. This course is divided into 30 lessons , conceived to be tackled consecutively in one month. I know, you will be thinking that learning Russian in one month is impossible: I can assure you though, that you will be amazed by the number of notions you will learn and the results will be astonishing, thanks to our fast and funny learning method. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Chiara Monetti

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  • December 29, 2019
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