How to chant Holy Daimoku.  Laura Silvestri

How to chant Holy Daimoku

By Massimo Claus, Francesca Di Micco (Traductor), Laura Silvestri (Traductor)

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At the beginning of their path, most of the people are told to chant the Sacred Odaimoku of the Lotus Sutra with clear and confident voice. It sounds easy to do, but is not unusual for problems to arise and that can frustrate the pleasure of invocation. Many questions arise in the mind of untrained practitioners, who zealously dedicate themselves to this wonderful, mysterious and mystic invocation.  This treatise stems from the need to answer all those questions, by giving the believer the base on which develop his personal invocation, leading him to fully taste the power of his chant. I won’t debate doctrinal topics here. I won’t even discriminate between the various doctrines taught by the numerous schools following the Master Nichiren Daishonin, who actualized the true Invocation of Sacred Daimoku with his own life. In this treatise I will just discuss the technical aspect of Daimoku invocation. I will tell you about the most suitable tone of voice, the proper breathing and the correct diction of the various ideograms. My desire is to provide the believer with an efficient guide to undertake the long path. This treatise is dedicated to all believers, none left out, be them expert or novice.

Laura Silvestri

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  • December 29, 2019
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