Fruitful hearts.  James Felhoffer

Fruitful hearts

For a new home

By Ricardo E. Facci, James Felhoffer (Traductor)

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Fruitful Hearts wants to help the growth of the couple so that their hearts are filled with love bountiful in fruits of happiness. The three parts of the book are unified in one sentence: "We love in Jesus." The first part wants to give the couple the opportunity to focus on themselves, and analyzes to what extent they can overcome the "I" to achieve the "US." "We love each other" corresponds to the second part, which tries to guide in the strengthening, knowledge and growth of marital love. "In Jesus", aims to highlight the reality that he lives in the midst of the Christian marriage and brings experience of love. The objective of this book is to provide material, which is working for many, within reach of married couples so that they can discuss the essentials of life, that both are building, using themes that give them the opportunity to confront realistically and with ease their daily lives. It is the hope that these pages will also help those couples who are preparing to live the vocation of marriage.

James Felhoffer

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  • Hogares Nuevos Ediciones
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  • December 29, 2019
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