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By E. Lynn Linton

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"Essays" in 2 volumes is a collection of essays upon various social subjects written by the British journalist Eliza Lynn Linton, who was a severe critic of early feminism. Her most famous essay on this matter, The Girl of the Period, was published in Saturday Review in 1868 and was a vehement attack on feminism. Linton is a leading example of the fact that the fight against votes for women was not only organised by men. This carefully edited collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Volume 1: The Girl of the Period Modern Mothers Modern Mothers Paying One's Shot What is Woman's Work? Little Women Ideal Women Pinchbeck Affronted Womanhood Feminine Affectations Interference The Fashionable Woman Sleeping Dogs Beauty and Brains Nymphs Mésalliances Weak Sisters Pinching Shoes Superior Beings Feminine Amenities Grim Females Mature Sirens Pumpkins Widows Dolls Charming Women Apron-strings Fine Feelings Sphinxes Flirting Scramblers Flattery La Femme Passée Spoilt Women Dovecots Bored Husbands Volume 2: Gushing Men Sweet Seventeen The Habit of Fear Old Ladies Voices Burnt Fingers Désœuvrement The Shrieking Sisterhood Otherwise-minded Limp People The Art of Reticence Men's Favourites Womanliness Something to Worry Sweets of Married Life Social Nomads Great Girls Shunted Dowagers Privileged Persons Modern Man-haters Vague People Arcadia Strangers at Church In Sickness On a Visit Drawing-room Epiphytes The Epicene Sex Women's Men Hotel Life in England Our Masks Heroes at Home Seine-fishing The Discontented Woman English Clergymen in Foreign Watering-places Old Friends Popular Women Choosing or Finding Local Fêtes

E. Lynn Linton

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