The Success Mindset Of Great Leaders.  Yael Eylat

The Success Mindset Of Great Leaders

By Tanaka, Yael Eylat

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What does success mean? How is it measured - wealth, fame, many friends? This book explores the many layers of what constitutes true success, and how one can achieve it. Success is what everyone claims to want; and yet, few are able to adequately define what it is. For many, success is fame and fortune, yet those that really achieve that “goal” are relatively few. In fact, success is an ephemeral concept that needs constant shoring up and redefinition: Once you have achieved what you think is success, you have to keep working to maintain it! The definition of success is not a simple one, but the means to it are open to everyone who genuinely adopts its underlying principles. Curiously, many of those who do not enjoy what is popularly understood as success still claim to be happy. In fact, as we shall see, happiness is an integral part of the entire phenomenon of success. PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

Yael Eylat

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  • December 29, 2019
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