Misunderstood.  Jeff Anthony


By Jeff Anthony

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Love, sex, romance, passion, pain, betrayal, heartbreak, breakup, divorce and more - these and many more are the story encapsulated in this impassionate, beautifully crafted book titled, Misunderstood - a collection of short romantic affairs that ended in heartbreak warfare and tragedy! Reading through Misunderstood is like watching a Hollywood blockbuster movie with all its thrills and suspense, as readers are given a revealing and intimate secret on how to deal with relationship issues. Misunderstood , written by Jeff Anthony with a musical cadence and linguistic playfulness, hovers around the world of heartbreak romance and heartbreak warfare!  It is a powerful and moving fiction in the world of romance that was misinterpreted and greatly misunderstood! Don’t go into the next romantic affair, or continue with your present relationship without having an idea on how to go about your relationship or marriage - or you could lose for a life time the opportunity to enjoy true love, passionate sex, and burning romance!

Jeff Anthony

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  • TNWI Book Publishing & Rights Agency
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  • 9791220243148
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  • December 29, 2019
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