Foundational missionaries of south american adventism.  Melvin Wainz

Foundational missionaries of south american adventism


By Sergio Becerra, Eugenio Di Dionisio, Daniel Plenc, Silvia Scholtus, Melvin Wainz (Traductor)

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There was no academic book presenting the biographies of the pioneers of South American Adventism. There were just short devotional works about the experiences of one or more Adventist missionaries. This book showcases the life and work of those who established the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South America. It is a text prepared with historical rigour, true to available sources, spreads the work of Adventist missionaries in these lands and promotes the fulfillment of evangelical mission in present day. However, its contents are presented in an enjoyable and inspiring way. This work contains the biographies of twelve of the foundational missionaries of South American Adventism. The areas in which they contributed to mission are diverse: evangelization, administration, medical work, publishing ministry, educational work and social service. All of them, men and women, adult and young, owning big ideals and a spirit of sacrifice that invite emulation.

Melvin Wainz