Heads I Win Tails You Lose.  Lynne Fox

Heads I Win Tails You Lose

By Lynne Fox

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My name, at least for now, is Amelia Thompson. My beloved brother, Matt died when I was nine; tumbled over the edge, quite literally, by personal tragedy. It wasn't all my fault, others played their part, Inspector Munroe in particular. Ignoring me was Munroe's biggest mistake and since then, his destruction has become my sole aim; it is an intellectual game that I play; atonement and retribution wrapped up in one sweet parcel of fitting revenge. You may even know me for I am everywhere. I may be your acquaintance, your colleague, your friend, your confidante, but ignore me and I will be your nemesis and I never forget. This is what you risk when you deny an intelligent but psychologically fragile child the attention she craves.

Lynne Fox

  • Publisher:
  • M-Y Books ltd
  • ISBN:
  • 9781911124931
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Ficción / General

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