Because Trump deservers another chance in 2024.  Giancarlo Rossini

Because Trump deservers another chance in 2024

By Giancarlo Rossini

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Being personally convinced of the considerable importance that a great country like the United States of America and its people have towards the World Community and, given the management of the Donald Trump Administration (2016-2020), I highlighted in this book on the future strategies for Trump's next candidacy for the 2024 elections. In fact, each of the 17 chapters addresses in a clear and exhaustive way what will be the strategies for the future of the United States of America for the period 2024-2028. This book is to be considered as an "Open Book" where any person can add suggestions by writing them directly on the pages of the book and then send it directly to Donald Trump. The address for sending it is the following: Mr Donald John Trump Trump Tower 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States of America (USA) This work is an ironic artistic performance byGiancarlo Rossini

Giancarlo Rossini

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  • Maria Teresa Marinelli
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  • 9791220248921
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  • December 27, 2020
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