MARRIAGE.  Mary Wood-Allen


By Mary Wood-Allen

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The main design of marriage is to constitute the family, for the preservation of moral and social purity, the continuation of the race, the training of the young for the duties of life,? etc. This book is a real treasure in matters related to marriage. A book for all wives and husbands. The author digs into the diverse situations which explain the why of all the problems that married people face today. Divided into five parts, this book is made of chapters like :? Marital continence Theories of sex Sleeping arrangements Duty of the husband to the home Jealousy Motherhood Sexual starvation Sterility A special chapter for husbands A special chapter for wives And many more. Have you ever read about marriage before? In this book, find out what youve never read or heard before in your whole life.

Mary Wood-Allen

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  • Timothée Luwewe
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
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