God's Divine Plan for our Solar System.  Ascended Masters

God's Divine Plan for our Solar System

By Ascended Masters

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PRESENTATION Rubén Cedeño  “God’s Divine Plan for our Solar System” is the “schoolbook” of Lady Esthesia, Master of Wisdom of the Seventh Violet Ray, High Priestess of the Ceremonial Order and Ritual of the planet Uranus. Writings of different Masters of Wisdom are amalgamated in this work, which exposes an unpublished knowledge of a high spiritual range. The constitution of our Solar System and the rest of our Galaxys Solar Systems is communicated with all its planets names and positions. In addition to this, other details are given about the Solar System, the Light that is needed on our Earth, and life on some planets beyond ours, such as Uranus, Aquaria, and Mercury. This is a work of excellent knowledge that, fully deciphered, penetrates the key to human evolution in our planet’s current position. Thank you.

Ascended Masters

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  • Editorial Señora Porteña
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  • December 27, 2020
  • Cuerpo, mente y espíritu / General