FreiWillig - Episode 14.  Lilly M. Beck

FreiWillig - Episode 14


By Lilly M. Beck

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The adventures of a German sub. Inspired by real life events. Hanna* and Gregor* have been seing each other for a while, and still like to flirt with each other via text. The attraction is unbroken and the special bond holds them together to this day. Nevertheless, she misses him very much. He can't stand by her because he's on duty, away from Berlin. This strains her connection and Gregor seems to have no longer a grip on Hanna. Just now, when she needs him most, she is probably slipping away from him. Her life is up and down and in almost every area she is at a crossroads, completely overwhelmed by the situation and powerless. If you don't know where to go, it is impossible to make a decision. So she tries to distract herself. She throws herself into the Berlin nightlife and gets further and further into the maelstrom. Alcohol, new sex partners and nights spent away are the order of the day. Hanna has now found her way into a clique and joins them in the party scene. She numbs her helplessness and lets herself drift from day to day without having to worry about her situation ... until one day Gregor puts an end to the hustle and bustle and gets Hanna out of the club. At home there is the famous carrot and the whip. He makes it unmistakably clear to her what he expects and is generous afterwards. Even if everything has just gone off the rails, at least the Bonnie and Clyde feeling is safe again. Or is it? The fourteenth part of the 20-part short story about the Sub Hanna, her Dom Gregor and her passionate affair in Berlin. *Names of people and places in this book have been changed

Lilly M. Beck