Holiday Hookup - Episode 2.  Nathaniel Feldmann

Holiday Hookup - Episode 2

Holiday Hookup

By Nathaniel Feldmann

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Nathaniel Feldmann turns up the heat to scorching levels as Joost, the sort of-maybe boyfriend left behind in Amsterdam, turns up shirtless on the Vlieland beach, suprising our protagonist Joel, who has been wandering the dunes (among other things) with sexy Johan from the other night. Joel is horrified and delighted, pleased that Joost came, anxious that he will find out about Johan. As they drink beers on the beach, all is well, and eventually Sander invites everyone back to the holiday house. Sander disappears with his own love interest, leaving Joel alone with Joost and Johan. When Johan asks, Joost finally says what Joel has been longing to her, that they have been seeing each other. This turns out to be no impediment to a blisteringly hot threesome, the stocky Amsterdammer and the muscly holiday fling team up to give Joel a holiday night to remember.

Nathaniel Feldmann

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