Hate Fuck.  Sophie Iremonger

Hate Fuck

By Sophie Iremonger

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After a long quarantine of good behaviour, a woman lets a little bad in in the form of Mr. S, her loathsome and bedraggled object of desire. Have you ever wanted someone you didn't even like? Then this one's for you. At the late-night cafe with the empty wine bottles covering every surface, they manage a conversation (just). He looks even worse than last time, he doesn't buy her a drink, he makes her listen to Plantasia. He's manipulative and emotionally unavailable and she knows it. She doesn't even like him but still, she wants him. He is good for only one thing, and she is going to get what she wants. Unfortunately, so is he. A perfect encapsulation of ambiguous desire, this scintillating account of a bad night with a disappointing person in a terrible apartment that's still somehow magical evokes youth, Berlin, growing up and growing ever more confused.

Sophie Iremonger

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