Man in the Saddle.  Ernest Haycox

Man in the Saddle

By Ernest Haycox

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Owen Merritt and Sally Bidwell have a long history together as they loved each other for a long time and were on the verge of getting married. But destiny was against them and Sally ended up marrying Will Isham, owner of the biggest ranch in the state called the Skull, and the richest man in the Bunchgrass Hills. Animosity between Merritt and Isham grows as the Skull's owner tries to buy out a small-time cowboy and push him out of business. Caught between the woman who left him and the woman who loves him, Merritt is forced to stand up and fight for himself.

Ernest Haycox

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  • 4064066387273
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  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Romance
    Suspenso y Triller