A Woman's War.  Warwick Deeping

A Woman's War


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Dr. James Murchison's father has died of alcohol, and his father's father before that. And Dr. Murchison is on the same path as it's apparent to his coworkers, neighbors and the community of the small town of Roxton. When he realizes what he's bringing on to himself and his family, Dr. Murchison decides to fight this demon. He can't do this without the help of his family, his wife Kate and his daughter Gwen, who provide an incredible amount of support in his struggles. Parallel with her husband's problem, Kate has to deal with the jealousy of Betty Steele, wife of another town's doctor, as the silent war between two women keeps smoldering in the background.

Warwick Deeping

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  • December 27, 2020
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