Summary of Get Out of Your Head.  Alexander Cooper

Summary of Get Out of Your Head

Self-Development Summaries

By Alexander Cooper

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Summary of Get Out of Your Head Most people become authors for one of two reasons: Either they know a lot about a subject and want to impart their wisdom, or they dont know anything about a subject and need to learn more about it. Jennie Allen, the author of Get Out Of Your Head , is the latter kind of author. Allen struggled with anxiety and doubt for her entire life. However, she came to the point where she couldnt handle the anxiety and doubt anymore. It negatively affected her well-being and her relationships, but most importantly, her relationship with God. Allen decided that she needed to learn how to take control of her negative thoughts, and fast. She began by learning about the brain and how it works. What she found was that brain chemistry changes with every thought. There is a unique spiral that takes place with thoughts, particularly negative ones. It begins with negative emotions, such as worthlessness. This negative emotion takes root within an individual and leads to a thought. In this example, the thought would be, "I am worthless." That thought, though, is a lie, becomes a lie that we operate from, and it impacts our behavior. We may start to behave as if we truly are worthless. This behavior, then, impacts our relationships with others. Our relationships hurt when we believe we are worthless because our behaviors negatively affect others in our relationships. From there, we suffer the consequences of this spiral. We carry with us our negative thoughts and anxieties. We hear little comments about ourselves, and we internalize them. Instead of calling them the lies they are, we believe them, and we begin to act out of them. We hear someone call us stupid in biology class, and suddenly, we think were stupid. We take that with us into other classes and work, and it becomes a part of us—even though it was a lie to begin with. The three main lies people believe are that they are unlovable, helpless, or worthless. These impact the daily lives we live and all of our relationships and behaviors. These anxieties and fears begin to feel real if we let them take root. We have to begin to recognize the battle of our thoughts as a spiritual battle. Our thoughts are not unique to us. Our negative thoughts can be the enemy trying to dissuade us away from God. When that happens, we begin to believe the lies Hes told us, and we cant act in the truth. To solve this problem, we have to let go of the stronghold the enemy has on us and take our thoughts captive. What we think we become. We dont have to live with these negative thoughts taking control of us. What we think about shapes who we are, but we get to choose. We can decide which thoughts shape us and which thoughts get cast aside. We have the power to stop the downward spiral through redirection—the same way we stop bad behavior from our children. In order to take our thoughts captive, we have to recognize when we have them. One of the ways we can do this is by beginning to capture our negative emotions. When we feel them, we write them down and also write down what is leading us to experience them. Then, we can go through each thought and take it captive. We can pray about it and surrender it to God, then learn to replace it with a positive thought. When we do this, we can defeat the downward spiral. One of the tools the enemy uses is confusion. If he can confuse us by giving us lies and making us believe them, then we are wounded in our fight for Christ. There are quite a few lies that he tells. Here is a Preview of What You Will Get: - A Full Book Summary - An Analysis - Fun quizzes - Quiz Answers - Etc Get a copy of this summary and learn about the book.  

Alexander Cooper

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  • December 27, 2020
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