Daddy Deflowered Me.  Sable Collins

Daddy Deflowered Me

By Sable Collins

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DESCRIPTION: Sweet Jenny is feeling overwhelmed at the thought of losing her virginity with her football-player boyfriend, so she tries to get an idea for what it will be like by watching naughty videos on the family computer the night before her special date. What she doesnt know is that every night, something huge is coming for her, and unacknowledged tensions between herself and the man of the house will be the cause of a lot of her learning. EXCERPT: His resolve breaks when I cock my head to the side, eyebrows raised. He crushes me to him in a bone-crushing embrace, and his thick stubble scratches my face as his mouth comes down on mine, hard. His arms lift me and then he’s holding me, whispering roughly, “So, let’s see if you learned anything, then.” He’s carrying me out of the room, past my bedroom, and turning into the guest room, where he stayed when he was new around here and Mom wanted to pretend they weren’t having sex all the time. Now I get it. It was part of the game between them, and I was just a pawn. The thought brings another energy to me and I spontaneously catch Christian’s lip as we kiss, and he rears back in surprise, eyes flashing. He drops me on the bed and strips out of his shirt, tossing it to the floor before crawling onto the bed and dropping his full weight on me. Fear and energy are swirling in my stomach, but soon I forget to think anything at all—Christian is everywhere and my tits are sharp and pointy with my own insolence as he sucks and nibbles and pinches them into submission. The cries come much more naturally to me than the women in the videos, and it only just occurs to me as I feel Christian tugging my soaking wet panties off that maybe they were exaggerating. Maybe their sex wasn’t that great. But someone had to have great sex for them to try to imitate, right? I let out a reflexive shriek as Christian bends his head and flick his tongue experimentally between my legs. The sensation is utterly new and I feel my body release in a buck that puts my wholly in his face. Instead of rearing back at “the smell” though, he lets out an almost animal growl and pins me to the bed by grasping my hips firmly and pressing them into the small twin bed. “Stay still, little girl,” he whispers throatily, kissing along the insides of my thighs. “You don’t know anything yet.”

Sable Collins

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9791220257992
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 27, 2020
  • Ficción / General

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