Sorrell and Son.  Warwick Deeping

Sorrell and Son


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Sorrell and Son is the tale of a father who dedicates his life to raising his son and help him succeed. Steven Sorrell, a sensitive guy and a gentleman of rare breeding, returns to London after the Great War, desperately expected by his wife and his son Kit. Sorrell struggles to find a job and his wife leaves him, so he decides to do whatever it takes to make a decent living for his boy. Sorrell takes a job as a porter at a tacky hotel where he has to scratch and scrape to stay employed, while bullied by his superiors. Driven by his will to raise a proper gentleman Sorrell never stops and their condition improves when he gets a better job, and Kit is able to go to college and medical school. As Kit grows to manhood he appreciates his father efforts more and more and feels obliged to returns the devotion.

Warwick Deeping

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  • December 27, 2020
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