Selected English Articles, 2018-2019.  Timo Schmitz

Selected English Articles, 2018-2019

By Timo Schmitz

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This book contains selected articles in English language which were published by Timo Schmitz in 2018 and 2019. The articles were newly reviewed and minor changes were conducted. It includes articles about indigenous religions, his Judeo-Buddhist philosophy, several castles and temples in North Korea, among others. Prominent articles featured in this edition are "What is Yogacara?", "Tohu-wa-bohu as first substance(s)?", "Short Introduction Into My Judeo-Buddhism", "Quantum bits and God: How we can understand existence in the 21st century", "Political Spirits and the Objective Good: A discourse why we shall not enforce the Western values on China", "Rights and duties as basis for laws - Forgiving as man's strength" and "The Interaction of Judaism and Buddhism into Judeo-Buddhism". Concerning indigenous religions, the edition features articles about Caodaism, Etseg Din, Korean Shamanism, Moism of the Zhuang, the belief of the Crow people, the belief of the Vietnamese Nung, as well as Jeungsando and Taesun Jinrihoe.

Timo Schmitz

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