The Jacobite Trilogy.  D. K. Broster

The Jacobite Trilogy

By D. K. Broster

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The Jacobite Trilogy is series of historical novels set in Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, an attempt by Charles Edward Stuart, known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, to regain the British throne for his father. The storyline follows Ewen Cameron of Ardroy, a brave Highlander and chieftain. "The Flight of the Heron" – Set in Scotland during the Jacobite rising of 1745, this is the story of an unlikely friendship between a young Jacobite and Highland chieftain Ewen Cameron who follows Bonnie Prince Charlie in his bid for the throne and a Government Army Officer, the Englishman Captain Keith Windham of the Royal Scots. In the battle of Culloden Cameron captures Windham after swordfight and takes him prisoner. Windham manages to escape, but by the prophecy of Cameron's visionary foster father, the two men are about to cross paths five times. "The Gleam in the North" – In an unsettling time following Jacobite Rebellion, Ewen Cameron is living in Scottish Highlands by his beloved loch with his offspring, two young boys. When his younger son falls in the cold loch water, he gets rescued in the last minute and falls ill, so Ewen goes strolling through hills and moors looking for someone who can help his boy. However, King George's Redcoats are patrolling through the Highlands, assisted by local clan spies, lurking to catch mutineers from the Rebellion. Ewen gets captured and taken to London to be executed where he inevitably crosses paths with his old friend Keith Windham. "The Dark Mile" – Ewen Cameron of Ardroy lives in peace with his beloved Alison and their two young boys, when they get a visit by Ian Stewart, Ewen's cousin who is being pressured to get married. He is not happy with choices presented to him, so he tries to avoid it, but when he meets beautiful Olivia Campbell they get romantically involved. However, their relationship is not welcomed by their families who have some unresolved issues dating from the time of the Rebellion.

D. K. Broster

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