A History of Matrimonial Institutions (Vol. 1-3)

A History of Matrimonial Institutions (Vol. 1-3)

By George Elliott Howard

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"A History of Matrimonial Institutions" is a book based on the author's belief that a thorough understanding of the social evolution of any people must rest upon the broader experience of mankind and that the human family, in particular, with all that the word connotes, is commanding greater attention. Accordingly, in the first part the attempt is made to present a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the literature and the theories of primitive matrimonial institutions, while the second and the third part feature the history of matrimonial institutions in England and in the United States. Volume 1: Analysis of the Literature and the Theories of Primitive Matrimonial Institutions: The Patriarchal Theory Theory of the Horde and Mother-Right Theory of the Original Pairing or Monogamous Family Rise of the Marriage Contract Early History of Divorce Matrimonial Institutions in England: Old English Wife-Purchase Yields to Free Marriage Rise of Ecclesiastical Marriage: The Church Accepts the Lay Contract and Ceremonial Rise of Ecclesiastical Marriage: The Church Develops and Administers Matrimonial Law The Protestant Conception of Marriage Rise of Civil Marriage Volume 2: History of Separation and Divorce under English and Ecclesiastical Law: The Early Christian Doctrine and the Theory of the Canon Law The Protestant Doctrine of Divorce Law and Theory during Three Centuries Matrimonial Institutions in the United States: Obligatory Civil Marriage in the New England Colonies Ecclesiastical Rites and the Rise of Civil Marriage in the Southern Colonies Optional Civil or Ecclesiastical Marriage in the Middle Colonies Divorce in the American Colonies A Century and a Quarter of Marriage Legislation in the United States, 1776-1903 Volume 3: A Century and a Quarter of Divorce Legislation in the United States: The New England States The Southern and Southwestern States The Middle and the Western States Problems of Marriage and the Family: The Function of Legislation The Function of Education...

George Elliott Howard