The Actor.  Miguel Ruiz

The Actor

By Barbara Emys, Miguel Ruiz

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Dramatic Art represents the first course in a series of Mystery School books by don Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Emrys. Using a classroom setting, this fascinating course explores human behavior from the point of view of the artist. Artists reflect life. Artists mirror the human condition, and they share their vision with the world. There are many kinds of artists, but this course is about acting and actors. Acting is our first learned skill? even before language, and even before we stand up to walk. We begin our lives as mimics. We watch, we listen, and we imitate. We are natural performers, and we spend our lives perfecting the craft. Dramatic Art explores the human drama as well as the role each of us plays in it. Performance art is a way of life for each of us, and it has shaped our common dream. We choose the roles we play? in different situations and for different people. We can also step away from those roles. We can reclaim our authenticity.

Miguel Ruiz

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  • Urano
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  • December 29, 2019
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