15 Japanese Short Stories for Beginners Including Audio.  Christian Tamaka Pedersen

15 Japanese Short Stories for Beginners Including Audio

By Christian Tamaka Pedersen

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Learning Japanese is hard and everyone says so. But not with this Japanese book. Whether youre a just starting out or are already familiar with the Japanese language, this book will help you with expanding your Japanese vocabulary and improve your reading skills while having fun. This book includes 15 entertaining and culturally interesting Japanese short stories for beginners and intermediate Japanese learners. The Japanese stories are written in Hiragana, Katakana, and about 250 basic Kanji characters which correspond to the advanced beginner and low intermediate levels. The stories are followed by line-by-line English translation, which will certainly speed up the learning process quite a bit. This book also includes a reading guide that explains the basics of the Japanese language and its characters. It also includes a chapter about Japanese culture and its language history. You get many practical examples on how to read the characters and you can also use this book as a language learning tool or Japanese text book to advance with your Japanese vocabulary skills at your own pace.  At the end of this book you can listen to the stories in audio format . (mp3 Japanese Learner Book 1)  

Christian Tamaka Pedersen