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By Jan Carroll

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ONE MAN DIED AFTER ONE PUNCH AND THE WHOLE OF KINGS CROSS WAS CLOSED DOWN FOR 9 YEARS! So you can stop using the phrase "domestic violence", for a start. That label simply trivialises it – Yeah, having a bit of trouble with the little woman. You know how it is. Nudge nudge, wink wink. It is assault, aggravated assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, attempted murder, murder. Yes, it's serious. Focus on the perpetrator of the violence. That person has serious anger management problems and, more than likely, needs a mental health assessment – voluntary or involuntary. FOCUS ON THE VIOLENT ONE. NO MORE VICTIMS. BETTER MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES. This little book illustrates the journey of just one woman into a situation that was beyond her control, and out of control. This all took place in the 70s and, in spite of the same thing happening again and again, successive Governments refuse to focus on the violent person and just wring their hands, whilst cutting funds for womens refuges. No more talk. Words are useless. Prevention should be the name of the game.

Jan Carroll

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  • December 27, 2020
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