The Philosphy of Peace.  Gino Aliji

The Philosphy of Peace

By Gino Aliji

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Why is humanity still fighting among themselves and destroying planet Earth in the process? It is because most of humanity in the modern age have lost touch with the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and are living gravely unbalanced lives. This imbalance has led to innumerable wars and conflicts both in the past and the present. Also, this kind of lifestyle has led to environmental degradation and the extinction of a plethora of unique species on planet Earth. It is time for a new worldview which puts wars and conflicts aside and instead embraces balance, peace and harmony. However, this can only be done by understanding basic universal principles governing everything in the cosmos and by realizing the important role humanity plays as a species in the infinity of the universe. It is time for a new era of peace and harmony, and that time is now.

Gino Aliji

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  • December 27, 2020
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