Gender and Diplomacy.  Suna Suner

Gender and Diplomacy


By Roberta Anderson (Editor), Laura Oliván Santaliestra (Editor), Suna Suner (Editor)

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The book series "Diplomatica" of the Don Juan Archiv Wien researches cultural aspects of diplomacy and diplomatic history up to the nineteenth century. This second volume of the series features the proceedings of the Don Juan Archiv's symposium organized in March 2016 in cooperation with the University of Vienna and Stvdivm fÆsvlancm to discuss the topic of gender from a diplomatic-historical perspective, addressing questions of where women and men were positioned in the diplomacy of the early modern world. Gender might not always be the first topic that comes to mind when discussing international relations, but it has a considerable bearing on diplomatic issues. Scholars have not left this field of research unexplored, with a widening corpus of texts discussing modern diplomacy and gender. Women appear regularly in diplomatic contexts. As for the early modern world, ambassadorial positions were monopolized by men, yet women could and did perform diplomatic roles, both officially and unofficially. This is where the main focus of this volume lies. It features sixteen contributions in the following four "acts": Women as Diplomatic Actors, The Diplomacy of Queens, The Birth of the Ambassadress, and Stages for Male Diplomacy. Contributions are by Wolfram Aichinger | Roberta Anderson | Annalisa Biagianti | Osman Nihat Bi?gin | John Condren | Camille Desenclos | Ekaterina Domnina | David García Cueto | María Concepción Gutiérrez Redondo | Armando Fabio Ivaldi | Rocío Martínez López | Laura Mesotten | Laura Oliván Santaliestra | Tracey A. Sowerby | Luis Tercero Casado | Pia Wallnig

Suna Suner