By bike through Corona-Europe.  Mattis Lühmann

By bike through Corona-Europe

By Mattis Lühmann

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On September 30th 2020, the author Mattis Lühmann started his 60-day bicycle journey from Bremen in northern Germany to the Cabo da Roca in Portugal. On his way he rode throughGermany, Switzerland, a part of Italy, along the Mediterranean coast to Monaco, through the south of France, Spain and then to the Cabo da Roca in Portugal, which is the westernmost point of the mainland of Europe. In total, he covered about 2500 miles. Read about his positive experiences, such as nice encounters, beautiful views and happy coincidences, but also about the difficulties caused by government actions or bad weather. Furthermore, youll see many pictures of the journey.

Mattis Lühmann

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  • 9783985220205
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  • December 27, 2020
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