A Study in Heredity and Contradictions.  Slason Thompson

A Study in Heredity and Contradictions

By Slason Thompson

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This book features a biographical account of the American writer Eugene Field (1850-1895), best known for his children's poetry and humorous essays. There were two Fields – the author and the man – and it is the purpose of this study to reproduce the latter as he appeared to those who knew and loved him for what he was personally for the benefit of those who have only known him through the medium of his writings. In doing this it was far from the author's intention and farther from his friendship to disturb any of the preconceptions that have been formed from the perusal of Field's works as these are the creations of something entirely apart from the man whose genius produced them. Contents: Pedigree His Father's First Love-affair The Dred Scott Case Birth and Early Youth Education Choice of a Profession Marriage and Early Domestic Life Early Experiences in Journalism In Denver, 1881-1883 Anecdotes of Life in Denver Coming to Chicago Personal Characteristics Relations with Stage Folk Beginning of His Literary Education Method of Work Nature of His Daily Work Pedigree Introduction to Colored Inks Some Letters More Letters Publication of His First Books His Second Visit to Europe In the Saints' and Sinners' Corner Political Relations His "Auto-analysis" Last Years Last Days

Slason Thompson

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