The Most Beloved Works and Christmas Books of Selma Lagerlöf.  Selma Lagerlöf

The Most Beloved Works and Christmas Books of Selma Lagerlöf


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Musaicum Books present to you this meticulously edited Christmas collection by Swedish Nobel Prize winner, containing charming and warmhearted novels and tales, children's stories and legends of Christmas. Contents: Novels: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils The Story of GöstaBerling The Emperor of Portugallia Charlotte Löwensköld Tales: The Spirit of Fasting and Petter Nord The Outlaws MamsellFredrika The Christmas Guest The Legend of the Christmas Rose The Story of a Story The Wild Hunt Christ Legends: The Holy Night The Emperor's Vision The Wise Men's Well Bethlehem's Children The Flight Into Egypt In Nazareth In the Temple Saint Veronica's Kerchief Robin Redbreast Our Lord and Saint Peter The Sacred Flame

Selma Lagerlöf