Fantazius Mallare.  Ben Hecht

Fantazius Mallare


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Fantazus Mallare is a tortured artist who is slowly descending into madness. In a search for a muse and aided by a dwarf-monster, Goliath, Mallare tries to make sense of the world of reason versus that of insanity. Since its publication in 1924 and being banned in 1928 by the US Government, the book has achieved a cult status that strips the veneer of sanity, religion, lust and art. Musaicum Books presents to you the meticulously edited book with all the original black and white illustrations which earned it both its notoriety and praise. Excerpt: "FantaziusMallare considered himself mad because he was unable to behold in the meaningless gesturings of time, space and evolution a dramatic little pantomime adroitly centered about the routine of his existence. He was a silent looking man with black hair and an aquiline nose. His eyes were lifeless because they paid no homage to the world outside him. When he was thirty-five years old he lived alone high above a busy part of the town. He was a recluse. His black hair that fell in a slant across his forehead and the rigidity of his eyes gave him the appearance of a somnambulist. Twenty-twoHe found life unnecessary and submitted to it without curiosity. His ideas were profoundly simple. The excitement of his neighborhood, his city, his country and his world left him unmoved. He found no diversion in interpreting them. A friend had once asked him what he thought of democracy. This was during a great war being waged in its behalf. Mallare replied: "Democracy is the honeymoon of stupidity."

Ben Hecht

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