The Heart of Canyon Pass.  Thomas K. Holmes

The Heart of Canyon Pass

By Thomas K. Holmes

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"The bluebird was no harbinger of spring at Canyon Pass. Most of the inhabitants had never seen that feathered songster and many had never heard of it. Incidentally these same Passonians would not have known a harbinger in any case, presuming possibly that it was one of those new-fangled nipples for the hydraulic pipes at the Eureka Washings, or something fancy that Bill Judson was selling in cans at the Three Star Grocery. But spring had unmistakably arrived at Canyon Pass when those two irrepressible pocket-hunters, Steve Siebert and Andy McCann, got together their frayed and rusty outfits, exchanged the hard-earned money each had toiled for during the winter over the counter of the Three Star for supplies and loaded each his burro till the sad-eyed little brutes 2almost buckled under the weight of flour, beans, salt pork, coffee, and prospectors' tools..."

Thomas K. Holmes

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  • December 27, 2020
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