The Best Little Women Novels - Jean Webster Edition.  Jean Webster

The Best Little Women Novels - Jean Webster Edition


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This meticulously edited collection contains the best works of Jean Webster, American author of novels for young women. Her best-known books feature lively and likeable young female protagonists who come of age intellectually, morally, and socially, but with enough humor, snappy dialogue, and gently biting social commentary to make her books palatable and enjoyable to contemporary readers. Table of Contents: "Daddy-Long-Legs" is a tale of Judy Abbott, orphan girl who gets adopted by an unknown benefactor who puts her through college, with here having an obligation to write him a monthly letter. Judy catches a glimpse of his shadow and only knows he is a tall long-legged man and because of this, she jokingly calls him Daddy-Long-Legs. The letters chronicles Judy's educational, personal, and social growth as she attends a "girl's college" on the East Coast. "Dear Enemy" is the sequel to novel Daddy-Long-Legs and follows the story of Sallie McBride, Judy Abbott's classmate and best friend in Daddy-Long-Legs. Dear Enemy shows how Sallie McBride grows from a frivolous socialite to a mature woman and an able executive. "Just Patty" – Patty and her two best friends Conny and Priscilla get into all sorts of mischief and shenanigans as they complete their final year at their private boarding school. "When Patty Went to College" presents a humorous look at life in a women's college at the turn of the 20th century. Patty Wyatt, the protagonist of this story is a bright, fun-loving, imperturbable young woman who does not like to conform. The book describes her many escapades on campus during her senior year at college. "Jerry Junior" tells the story of a wealthy upper-class American and a lovely young American woman who meet in a small Italian village.

Jean Webster

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