Napoleon's Addresses.  Napoléon Bonaparte

Napoleon's Addresses


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The flash of Napoleon Bonaparte's sword so blinded men in his lifetime, and, indeed, long after, that they were unable to distinguish a second weapon in his hand. The clearer vision which time and study bring have shown that he used words almost as effectively as the sword, and that throughout his career the address ably supported the military manoeuvre. Between these pages Napoleon's official life can be traced in detail from Toulon to St. Helena. The most important documents which he wrote relating to public affairs is printed in the collection. Across the pages of this book the mighty procession of soldiers and generals, priests and cardinals, kings and peoples who, in the twenty years in which Napoleon was the preeminent figure of Europe, fell captive to his charms or his power. Here are the words by which he fired starving armies to battle, bullied obstinate powers to follow his plans, put hope into despot-ridden people, told kings their duties. Contents: Part I. The Campaign in Italy Part II. The Egyptian Expedition Part III. Napoleon, First Consul Part IV. Napoleon, Emperor of France Part V. The Fall of Napoleon Napoleon's Will

Napoléon Bonaparte

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