The Lone Ranger Rides.  Fran Striker

The Lone Ranger Rides


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In the rogue Wild West, laws don't apply equally to everyone. They are made by the corrupt people and for the corrupt people. But Lone Ranger is on a mission. A mission to deliver justice and bring the rogue ones under the ambit of laws. Together with Tonto, Lone Ranger will do everything in his power to survive and outwit his enemies. Read the original inspiration behind the famous radio series and the Disney movie featuring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp! Excerpt: "In a remote basin in the western part of Texas, the Cavendish clan raised cattle. From the vast level acreage, where longhorns grew fat on lush grass, the surrounding hills looked verdant and hospitable; but this was pure deceit on Nature's part. Those hills were treacherous, and Bryant Cavendish loved them for that selfsame treachery. Sitting on the porch of his rambling house, the bitter old man spat tobacco-flavored curses at the infirmities that restricted him. His legs, tortured by rheumatism, were propped on a bentwood chair, and seemed slim and out of proportion to his barrel-shaped torso. His eyes, like caves beneath an overhanging ledge, were more restless than usual, as he gazed across the basin. He rasped a heavy thumbnail across the bristle of his slablike jowl..."

Fran Striker

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  • December 27, 2020
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