Ghost Stories.  Charles Dickens

Ghost Stories


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Improve your English and have fun at the same time with Read Stories - Learn English. “I’m sure you are very lonely in this place,” I said. As I talked, I watched him but he stayed silent. There was something strange about him and he made me nervous. I suddenly had a horrible thought: Is he a man or a ghost? Here are  four ghost stories  by the  famous  British writer  Charles Dickens,  adapted for learners of English (CEFR level B1). We meet a  signalman  working on a lonely railway line, who has a  terrible secret  … Two men, who are  the only guests  in a hotel where  strange things  keep happening … A  painter , who meets a  mysterious young woman  on a train and is asked to paint her portrait … An old  professor  with many sad memories, who is given a choice – does he want to  forget his past ? This book: includes  four   exciting   ghost stories : ‘The Signalman’, ‘The Ghost in the Bride’s Bedroom’, ‘The Portrait Painter’s Story’ and ‘The Haunted Man’ is adapted for  learners of English  from the  classic Charles Dickens  stories uses grammar and vocabulary for learners at  CEFR level B1  (strong Pre-intermediate level or Intermediate level) has  definitions  of difficult words Books at this level have a word count of  15,000–18,000 words  and  1,600 headwords . You will find  language-learning exercises  for this book on our website. Warning: This book may not suitable for young children.

Charles Dickens

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