Proceedings of the 31st Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference.  Brent Vine

Proceedings of the 31st Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

West Coast Indo-European Conference (WeCIEC) Proceedings

By David M. Goldstein (Editor), Stephanie W. Jamison (Editor), Brent Vine (Editor)

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Inhalt: Miyu Akao: Internal and External Factors behind the Development of the Tocharian Secondary Cases Milena Anfosso: The Phrygians from ?????? to ??????: Herodotus 7.73, or the Linguistic Problems of a Migration Roberto Batisti: On Greek ?????? 'Ethiopian' and ??????? 'Aesop' from a PIE Perspective James Clackson: The Latin and Oscan Imperfect Subjunctive in *-s?- John Clayton: Rhinoglottophilia in Avestan: *h > [h?] and Its Orthographic and Phonological Consequences Ashwini Deo: Copular Contrasts in Indo-Aryan Diachrony Petra M. Goedegebuure: The Fat and the Furious: *w(o)rg?- 'fat, furious, strong' and Derivatives in Hittite and Luwian Ian Hollenbaugh: Inceptives in Ancient Greek Ronald I. Kim: PIE Verbal Roots of the Shape *C(C)eH- in Old Armenian Jared S. Klein: Old Church Slavic oba?e and t?k(?)mo Laura Massetti: "Hermes and Hestia" Revisited: Hermes ??????? and the Funerary Fire Thomas Motter: Hittite Correlative Resumption as Discourse Anaphora Domenico Giuseppe Muscianisi: Zeus ???????? 'Benevolent, Welcoming' from Thera and Proto-Indo-European 'Right' Anthony D. Yates: The Phonology and Morphology of Anatolian *-mon-stems

Brent Vine